Chantae Cann, Live in Detroit

Jazz Cafe inside The Music Hall, 350 Madison Street, Detroit, MI 48226

Chantae Cann is a charismatic voice that transcends time. With the release of her debut album "Journey to Golden" in March 2016 at #1 on the iTunes Jazz Charts and #7 on the Jazz Billboard Charts, Chantae’s solo career has started off on a promising note. Influences like Bobby McFerrin, Haitus Kyote, Chaka Khan and countless others help shape the sounds that you hear throughout her music. Chantae’s music blends the exploratory sounds of Jazz with the feel good vibes of Soul, which makes for a mixture that is quite enticing. It is her heart’s desire to simply inspire, uplift and encourage the lives of others through music. This performance will be the Chicago native, and Atlanta based performer's 2nd solo performance in Detroit this year.