Urban Organic: Soul Is Life!

KEM’s Mack & Third Forges Forward with its Popup Fundraiser 

DETROIT - Monday night’s fundraiser left audience members lighthearted and full of song. KEM’s Mack & Third Foundation popup fundraiser, presented by Urban Organic (UO) featured Madison McFerrin and Anthony David, held at the Aretha’s Jazz Cafe in Detroit. 

Detroit singer J. Tait (background singer for Dwele) who was in attendance said, “Both performers were amazing! Great food, great location, great production and I’m really excited about the return of Mack & Third!” 

You could definitely hear a pin drop…

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Anthony David Live in Detroit Performance Review 

Thank you to everyone who made it out last Thursday to see Anthony David. What a night it was! 

First, MYNA 18-year old phenom opened with songs from her debut album, Roy G Biv. The small stew of songs she performed made it obvious that she is arriving on the scene as strong local talent with WORLWIDE implications. No Doubt! 

Ideeyah, Detroit's rising soul boss laid out a performance as sultry as it was soulful. With more than a decade of performance experience under her belt,it seems she is forging new…

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Culture Creators DJ Selector Series 


Recently, cultural arts leader, advocate, and former Detroit mayoral candidate, Ingrid LaFleur put on her Dj Selector hat at Brix Wine Bar and Charcuterie in the city's searingly popular West Village neighborhood and created a vibe that was equal parts, global, sexy, didactic, and danceable.   Like the art personality she is, her set brought out a delicious cross section of people who basked in the glow of her growing legend.  Like a culture hero of the past--think Ishtar, Isis, or Chun Li---LaFleur…

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Toyota Steeped in History Tour 


How the hand of history guides us depends mostly how we as a collective take account of the larger picture.  We are but one piece of the larger puzzle of life, and because we are only a snapshot in time, most often the views we have are painted by immediacy and not a long view.  With that being said, the Toyota Steeped In History tour in Detroit last week offered something to all the participants that I believe helped everyone to see long view.  What Toyota achieved with the Steeped In History tour lead…

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