Urban Organic: Soul Is Life!

Toyota Steeped in History Tour 


How the hand of history guides us depends mostly how we as a collective take account of the larger picture.  We are but one piece of the larger puzzle of life, and because we are only a snapshot in time, most often the views we have are painted by immediacy and not a long view.  With that being said, the Toyota Steeped In History tour in Detroit last week offered something to all the participants that I believe helped everyone to see long view.  What Toyota achieved with the Steeped In History tour lead…

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Urban Organic: Detroit Stars Represent at Sy Smith and Zo! Concert at Prive Duex 


Mother Nature unleashed snow and ice Michigan style but that did not deter many of Detroit's cultural luminaries from attending Urban Organic’s February installment of soulful expression. The night not only bolstered the sultry electric vocals of Sy Smith but she was accompanied by Detroit musicians, such as Brandon Williams and Lorenzo Ferguson. Sy Smith is the reigning Queen of Underground R&B Soul Music. The event was hosted by funny woman, Heather J. Henderson. She met founder of UO, Drake Phifer…

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